Movie Review: Minions -- Enough Is Too Much


The creators of Minions obviously never heard either of two complementary expressions: "A little goes a long way" and "too much of a good thing."

If they had, there would be no Minions movie. Except, of course, what am I saying? This is a Hollywood studio, where too much of a good thing is always the desired end-product and no one wants to talk about a little of anything -- they want a lot, if not all (of the money, of course).

The Minions are escapees from the Despicable Me animated comedies: sidekicks, elevated to the main attraction. (Two words: The Tortellis.) It's probably impossible that you haven't seen them, since they've turned up as hucksters for any number of product tie-ins to this film.

What's that? You've been stuck in an Inside Out commercial loop all summer? OK, let me describe them: The Minions are the little yellow characters in goggles and denim bib overalls who look like canary-yellow time-release capsules with arms and legs. Or perhaps they look like yellow Mike & Ikes. Candy for the kids, pills for the parents.

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