Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ... Naughty and Nice!

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is noir at its finest, and cool with heat. Lots of heat, Jessica Alba, Eva Green and Rosario Dawson ooze sexuality out of their curvy buttocks into this 3D sensual field trip onto your lap. The men -- Powers Booth, Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon Levitt -- are tough and looking good until an eye goes missing along with laughter. The violence is camp. A real-shoot-em-up-ask-questions-later film. Frank Miller's and Robert Rodriguez's Sin City is a must-see. A graphic comic book come alive. A stunning visual experience with graphics and cinematography the real stars. Miller and Rodriguez wrote and directed his tour de force, the sequel to the original from many moons ago. This is a let's- take-it-all-the-way kind of film.

Sin City is a series of stories within a corrupt city. First, we meet Jessica Alba as Nancy, a stripper, who brings on the heat. Her gyrating body is not for your mother. Where did the meek Jessica Alba hide this celluloid chewing sexuality? Mickey Rourke with makeup that horrifies as Marv is the go-to man of Sin City and cleans up any good bad guys who get into trouble. Josh Brolin as Dwight falls hard for Eva Green as Ava who starred in Bertolucci's The Dreamers. Ava has a face and body that don't quit. Her performance is raw, mean and marvelous. Her beauty as Bertolucci described, "is indecent'. Powers Booth as Senator Rourke is pure evil and holds these various plots together. Bruce Willis has a small part as Nancy's former love who has been killed by Senator Rourke.

Characters pop up without a segue into the next vignette. They just overlap and this works instead of being confusing. There is the story of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Johnny, who takes on Senator Rourke at the poker table and loses big time. This is our first vignette during which Johnny meets a blonde beauty who suddenly glows of color. Color is treated as an accent throughout this B&W graphic film. Ava's red lips speak volumes. Car crashes become billowing masses of red against a black landscape.

Meanwhile Steven Tyler makes up the sound track. This is a tongue in both- cheeks -kind-of-film, a gleeful study of a graphic comic book. If you are faint of heart, for entertainment pull out your coloring books. I never caught the first Sin City, but catching the second just made my night. Don't miss this feast of visual splendor and camp. Run!