Movie Review: The Boy Next Door ... Been There, Done That.

If Jennifer Lopez would stop it with the lip gloss and the perfect eye shadow and her need to look like a Revlon ad while the barn is burning, one could take her more seriously as an actress. Her acting in The Boy Next Door is a-okay, but her vanity is a problem. Or is it her insecurity? If she could trust herself and that she has fine acting chops, she would not need to be so concerned with her appearance. She kind of reminds me of a female George Hamilton: perfectly manicured, which is a turn off until one gets to know the heart beating beneath this obsession with self.

Ms. Lopez plays a school teacher who has an affair with the boy next door. Well, it's more like a quickie. And some boy! Ryan Guzman as Noah Sandborn is hotter than hot as the psychopathic neighbor. Claire Petersen is the alias for Ms. Lopez who is an English teacher -- the classics.

Natch! While Kristin Chenoweth plays the assistant principal, her beauty is sadly underplayed.(Jennifer Lopez's lip gloss gets the better lighting.) Ian Nelson plays Kevin, Claire Peterson's son and has fine moments in what is essentially a silly script. John Corbett is Claire Petersen's estranged husband. His gentle demeanor adds a nice contrast for the horror to unfold.

Writer Barbara Curry has some original moments of terror, but too often the script is predictable. However, watching Guzman's biceps juxtaposed against the drama gives a viewer much to be grateful for, even if the dialogue is a bit lacking.

Noah Sandborn could have walked out of the shower scene in Psycho. He has that kind of charm.

I don't know. If you have nothing better to do, catch this latest directorial effort of Rob Cohen, the talent behind all those fabulous Fast and Furious films, but in The Boy Next Door he drops his guard and goes for 'school teacher and the beast' and we've seen it before.