Movie Review...John Wyck 2 is Here to Stay

Oh my, John Wyck is back and badder than ever. Or is he? Retired hit man John Wyck aka Keanu Reeves is directed by Chad Stahelski who was Reeves stunt double in the Matrix.does a magnificent job. After the death of his wife and his dog, John Wyck just wants to be left alone. With his pit bull. But pulling a Garbo is not in his cards. A marker is placed on his pretty head by Italian playboy Santino D'Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) who will only remove it if John Wyck kills D'Antonio's sister. John Wyck is catapulted into the middle of a power play for a seat at the High Table, a council of international super-criminals in which Italian playboy D'Antonio wants the spot held by his sister Gianna (Claudia Gerini). John Wyck barely blinks before he is jettisoned to the catacombs in Rome in search of D'Antonio's sister. Common plays Gianna's bodyguard with a non-blink gaze. The highlight of this sequence is John Wyck methodically dressing at a tailor suited for an assassin's chores as this slaughter will involve more deaths than one might view as necessary and yet the slaughter in this film is an odd way, its charm. Never does one believe these deaths are real and they are done in a comic book heightened gamer reality. A pencil replaces a gun for a weapon as black blood oozes from flesh accompanied by a loud scrunch echoing in your ears.
If you are against violence in any form, John Wyck 2 is not for you.
But if you can tolerate grimacing and laughing at the same time, you will love John Wyck 2 and eagerly await John Wyck 3
The acting and casting is first rate as is the cinematography which brings you into the scene at just the right moment for maximum visceral effect. Larry Fishburne is back as Bowery King and steals every scene.
A spectacular car chase begins film during which a Russian crime tsar (Peter Stormare) brings the audience up to speed about John Wyck's ruthless reputation as a champion hit man. After John Wyck grabs his stolen 69 Mustang and kills a dozen or so men, he zooms off to his home and his beloved grey-black pit bull. But first John Wyck brokers a truce with this Russian czar. Rules matter to the criminals in John Wyck's world which is bound by the protection of the Continental--a secret network of assassins dreamed up by screenwriter Derek Kolstad for the original. The Continental is embedded in a NY Hotel whose proprietor is Winston played to the sinister comedic hilt by the magnificent Ian Mc Shane. The Continental is the home to an international organization governed by the rule that no blood is spilled on Continental grounds, But our John Wyck feels he is forced to disobey and this will lead to John Wyck 3 as Winston orders an international marker on John Wyck's head. Stay tuned for more deaths, more bleak story lines and more laughs as John Wyck is wickedly funny in a macabre way that is packing audiences in ...Mostly men. Republicans, I wonder.