Movie Review... "No Escape"... Good Thriller

This post contains spoilers.

If you want escape, see No Escape. How refreshing to see Owen Wilson's acting talents used to portray a range of emotions beyond comedy. Yes, Wilson starred in Behind Enemy Lines, but that was awhile ago. And also how refreshing to see Pierce Brosnan's acting talents used to portray comedy. Instead of his usual dapper elegance, Brosnan plays the buffoon, but his character redeems itself in the end by exposing himself as a double agent. Lake Bell as Annie Dwyer is Owen Wilson's wife and emotes fierce survival instincts that are riveting to watch and that make your heart pound as she protects her children from mob violence.

Pierce Brosnan on the Today Show described No Escape as a grab-your-throat-thriller. He went on to deny that any James Bond films are in his future, but added that he keeps showing up as an actor and is growing into himself. No Escape is a fine example of this. His character is cheer-worthy.

Director John Erick Dowdle co-wrote the fast paced screenplay of No Escape with his brother Drew Dowdle. Not one moment is lost in meaningless set-ups to scenes. What adds to the suspense is the use of silence during some of the more dangerous moments. Refreshing. This is the story of the Dwyers, Bell and Wilson, who are making a move with their two children due to Wilson's corporate promotion to the Philippines. When chaos breaks loose, they find themselves in the midst of a war zone. A coup. It is chilling to think of being in a 'third world' or as Wilson refers to this part of the universe as 'fourth world' when civil discord breaks loose and Americans are hunted like rats. While there is no similarity in plot to Liam Neeson's Taken, the terror akin to both of the films in which the stars must run for their lives with their families on foreign soil is reminiscent.

The dialogue is crisp and hip with Wilson's sly smile and soft delivery, providing comfort during turmoil and frightening 'do or die' situations. Wilson's talents are brought forth in stressful situations which need relief from a pressure cooker kind of terror. This is an action thriller set in Southeast Asia in all of its splendor, but the chills you will experience viscerally because of this fine cast, may kill your desire to travel to this far neck of the woods any time in the near future. Grab plenty of popcorn before taking your seat to see No Escape as you will need comfort food and comforting, but the devastating journey this film takes you on is eye opening and worth the jitters. See No Escape, then follow with a hot bath, look around your surroundings and you will be grateful you are home.