Movie Review...Spiderman: Homecoming --A Drag

Tom Holland as Peter Parker is great as Spiderman and steals scenes from Robert Downey, our Iron Man, but the story is yawn city. Who cares? Michael Keaton as the Vulture is terrific as are the special effects, but the story is ho hum. Vulture’s wings fly over us and are beautiful to witness as they terrify. The sound accompanying this is quite special and adds to the terror.

The plot is Peter Parker has returned home to live with Aunt Mae played by the charming and competent Marisa Tomei. Peter Parker has a quality of innocence which bolsters his triumphant entrance into his Spiderman costume. Two sequences will wake you up from your slumber. Spidey climbs the Washington Monument to save his love and friends and a ferry boat cut in half by the Vulture. But aside from these great feats of special effects and CGI, I was dozing off.

Spiderman has returned home to be under the tutelage of Iron Man aka Downey. Predictable Iron Man saves the day on one of the disasters, but his apprentice, Spidey, comes through as you would expect in the end. The finale by the way is a delight and almost makes your snoring worth the wait. The final scenes between Spicy and Iron Man are stellar. But frankly this “Marvel-cannot-wait-to-see-this-film” is a clear miss.

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