George Clooney brings home the bloody bacon. The Coen Brothers deliver a script which is unpredictable and nonstop edge of your seat intrigue. And funny. The acting is impeccable as Clooney knows this department well. Noah Jupe is the standout as a child in idyllic suburban surroundings of 1959 witnesses more blood and murder than your local precinct. He is terrific as are the murderous Julianne Moore, Matt Damon and insurance investigator Oscar Isaac.

A home invasion terrorizes the idyllic suburban town inhabited by Julianne Moore, Matt Damon and Noah Jupe. Damon and Moore plot how to get an insurance policy and big bucks to go to Aruba. And be alone. Damon’s son, Noah Jupe is in the way as is Damon’s wife. And so the plot ensues. Never are you aware of the next move. Suspense abounds with laughs. Clooney’s direction is top notch as is the writing which is clever and edited with great skill.

Of particular note is the period look of the film which is set beautifully in 1959. It does not have the manicured look of pretentious period pieces but one feels one is in 1959 without hesitation.

But it is the humor that carries this film The black humor for which the Coen Brothers are known. Aces. I was belly laughing during murders. Not an easy feat for a director to accomplish

Do not miss this tour de force.

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