Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter -- Silly

Vin Diesel is the last The Witch Hunter and a sensual one at that, but Vin Diesel's sexuality is not enough to hang a film on.

The effects are special. The witches are not and hard to watch, but not frightening, just unimaginatively conceived. Michael Caine has a thankless role. Pity. More of Michael might have made for more plot, but as it is Vin Diesel as Kaulder who is left to battle the Queen of the Witches with a side kick of Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings). Wood is no Michael Caine though he replaces him when Caine is temporarily killed.

The set, costumes, cinematography are all atmospherically neat and supernatural in feeling but a need to sleep seemed to overtake me as the silliness of looking for witches haunted me more than the witches. The plot is thin and absurd. Why a fine actor such as Michael Caine got involved with this dreck is what I kept wondering throughout the film. Breck Eisner directs this skillfully. It is the material that is the problem.

Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) was charming as a spook who sells memories and potions and the like and befriends Vin Diesel as he tries to kill the Queen Witch for the second time. The first killing of her is shown at the opening and I almost walked out then. This flashback into Vin Diesel's past was the set up for the entire film. His daughter and wife are murdered by the Queen Witch whom he in turn murders, but as with the terminator, the Queen Witch is baaaack.

The plot of the film alas is to find the evil Queen Witch for the second time and to do her in. I wouldn't stick around for the miracle. Skip this one if you are not a fan of the supernatural. On the other hand, if witches and strange happenings banging in the night as they do in The Last Witch Hunter is your thing, go for it.