Murat Palta's 'Classic Movies in Miniature Style' Imagines Tarantino, Schwarzenegger In 15th Century Turkey (PHOTOS)

It's not often a senior art project inspires think pieces on a different continent, but Murat Palta's movie-scenes-turned-Turkish-miniatures have struck a nerve. Palta's portfolio of paintings sets famously tense Hollywood scenes -- Jack Nicholson's door-bashing entrance in "The Shining" for instance -- in the bright, two-dimensional world of 16th century Ottoman miniatures. Writing on his Behance page (where he's also posted close-ups of the individual scenes), the Turkish design student says he wanted to "blend traditional 'oriental' motifs and contemporary 'western' cinema." What better way than by gifting the Terminator an inky steed?


Famous Movie Scenes As Turkish Miniatures

The mashup's implications could power another senior thesis. Katy Waldman at Slate points out how well our movies wear the status of mythology. There's also something startling about the gravity the old aesthetic gives what's otherwise totally familiar. It'd be interesting to see how other genres of movies might fare -- especially silly ones. What do you say, Palta? A followup series dedicated to Olsen twin movies?

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