9 Rare Stills From Classic Films (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 9 Rare Stills From Classic Films

We're prone to remembering actors and actresses as the characters they play: Audrey Hepburn and the capricious Holly Golightly are inseparable personas, and Marlon Brando might not even be recognizable without his token scowl and leather jacket. But behind-the-scenes photographs of celebrities offer rare glimpses at the real people typically buried beneath costumes and makeup.

Joel W. Finler's "Hollywood Movie Stills" [Titan Books, $24.95] showcases candid shots of stars such as Kirk Douglas and Joan Crawford.

Check out these classic movie stills:

"Hollywood Movie Stills" text copyright © 1995, 2008, 2012 (Titan Books) by Joel W. Finler. All rights reserved. All photographs used in the spirit of publicity, criticism and review.

Hollywood stills

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