Movie Theater 'Ninjas' Will Destroy Rude People, Or At Least Quiet Them Down

The lights go down, everyone's excited. You've paid seven gazillion dollars for your ticket. You've got your popcorn and your Milk Duds and your abnormally large soda. You're ready for the film to begin.

And then a cell phone goes off behind you. It's a Katy Perry ringtone. And then said cell phone is answered, not simply silenced, but answered, and a conversation about something completely unrelated to the situation onscreen starts taking place. What do you do? Do you tell the person to shut up, or do you simply let it happen, hoping the conversation will be over soon? Do you anxiously sit, seething in your chair, and try to block out the racket?

This is where the ninjas come in.

At the Prince Charles Cinema in London, a volunteer crew of darkly-clad "ninjas" has assembled to silence the loud talkers, halt the never-ending texters, and generally improve the moviegoing experience. The ninjas are dressed in full-body spandex suits made by "Morphsuits," a Scottish clothing company that declares their colorful garments to be "the costume phenomenon taking over the world."

According to Morphsuits founder Gregor Lawson, the whole thing started on the Morphsuits Facebook page, where the idea of movie theater ninjas began, and it only grew from there.

The ninjas now have permission to pounce whenever a theatergoer breaks the theater's "code of conduct," which includes texting or eating popcorn too loudly. Lawson and his company have also offered free Morphsuits to other movie theaters around the world willing to employ a ninja task force of their own.

If we're lucky, every American cinema will have hired their own ninjas by the holiday season. And perhaps during less entertaining movies, the ninjas can coalesce into some sort of modern dance experience. This might be a separate idea, but it seems just as enticing, right?

Also, it's probably better than the alternative:

[Via Mashable]