Movie Therapy For Mindless Eaters

Movies aren't just entertaining. Every now and then a good flick can teach you something important and transform your feelings and actions.
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If you are a mindless eater who is in need of motivation to change your ways, movie therapy might just be what you are looking for.

Movies aren't just entertaining. Every now and then a good flick can teach you something important and transform your feelings and actions. This is good news for people who want to eat healthier but need some help getting into the right frame of mind.

How does it work? Consider other movies that have made you rethink an important social issue. Thank You for Smoking is a parody that makes you ponder the manipulative ways companies market potentially harmful protects to the public. Traffic gives you a peak into the underworld of drugs. Movies like these delve into the impact of harmful substances on the individual. They also illuminate what goes on behind the scene politically. The movies listed below will take you from your kitchen cupboard to farms across the globe.

Movies to Help You End Mindless Eating:

1) Supersize Me. This is the perfect movie to help you kick your fast food habit. A classic, entertaining film by Morgan Spurlock that is gaurenteed to make you think twice before hitting the drive-thru window again. (Watch it free!)

2) Food Inc. This movie will have you happily standing at line at farmers markets. You will be dismayed and a little sickened to learn about the handful of mega-corporations that make food fast, cheap, and in whatever marginally acceptable condition customers will buy it.

3) Fast Food Nation. Addicted to red meat? This movie, although not a documentary, is based on the best selling book, Fast Food Nation. You may find a greasy burger or juicy steak to be much less appetizing after watching this film.

4) The Price of Sugar. If you are a sugar addict who is ruled by your sweet tooth, take a look at this film narrated by Paul Newman. It shows the oppressive conditions of immigrant Haitian sugar cane workers in the Dominican Republic. Good for helping you detox from sugar and might urge you to look for alternatives that can satisfy your need for something sweet.

5) King Corn. Not sure why it's so hard to manage your weight? This film reveals what is hidden in foods that may be standing in the way. After watching this film, you'll spend more time at the grocery store turning over boxes to read the nutrition labels. You'll learn why high-fructose corn syrup, which is in virtually everything, is more dangerous than you think.

Movies to Motivate Mindful Eating

1) Fresh: The Movie. A positive, uplifting movie about famers, students and people who are changing the food industry to help you eat healthier.

2) Food Matters. Want to be healthier? This movie will make you believe in the power of food to heal. Doctors and a variety of professionals share their viewpoint on why we need to take back control of what we eat.

3) Food Fight: This movie has a star-studded cast of culinary celebrities like writer Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma) and Wolfgang Puck to tell the story of how food has changed in America. They discuss the growing organic-food movement.

4) To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig tours outstanding farmers' markets from Baltimore to Hawaii.

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So sit back. Watch these movies (minus the popcorn). These are some amazing films and one more tool to help you eat more mindfully!