8 New Movie Trailers That Were Better Than The Super Bowl

"Captain America: Civil War," "X-Men: Apocalypse," "The Jungle Book" and more.

Unless you were a Denver Broncos fan, Peyton Manning or, like, Papa John, the Super Bowl was kind of rough on Sunday. 

Thank gosh some new movie commercials and trailers, like a first look at "Jason Bourne" and a new spot for "Deadpool," saved the night. Because with new movies, everybody wins.

Here are 8 movie trailers that were even better than the Super Bowl:

1. "Jason Bourne" 

Matt Damon returns because he was Bourne this way. (Release date: July 29.)


2. "Captain America: Civil War" 

Iron Man almost gets shot in the face, Captain America has claw marks on his shield and the Internet's spidey senses are tingling. (Release date: May 6.)


3. "The Jungle Book"

Mowgli really wants to learn the bear necessities, but Shere Khan won't let him forget about his worries or his strife. (Release date: April 15.)


4. "Independence Day: Resurgence" 

Bill Pullman will not go quietly into the night or give up without a fight. The aliens have different plans. (Release date: June 24.)


5. "X-Men: Apocalypse"

It's the end of the world and only Jennifer Lawrence can save us. What else is new? (Release date: May 27.)


6. "Eddie the Eagle"

An Olympic story almost as inspirational as "Cool Runnings." Almost ...

(Release date: Feb 26.)


7. "The Secret Life of Pets"

 Pets apparently listen to the stereo while you're away. (Release date: July 8.)


8. "Deadpool"

"See you this Friday, America." (Release date: Feb. 12.)


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