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Movies On 'The Office': Every Film Ever Referenced (VIDEO)

Anyone who watched "The Office" for any of its nine seasons was well aware of the awkwardness, love triangles and office boredom the characters experienced on a daily basis. But who knew they were making so many movie references along the way?

In the mashup above, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) confidently brings up "that dwarf in 'Lord Of The Rings,'" tells Kelly (Mindy Kaling) that she should be wearing cleats and holding a soccer ball as a nod to "Bend It Like Beckham,'" and says he's "like Mr. Miyagi and Yoda rolled into one."

Meanwhile, Ryan (B.J. Novak) tells a story about his family that closely resembles the plot of "The Lion King," and Dwight says -- after much prodding -- that his favorite movie is "The Crow."

"The Office" aired for nine seasons on NBC.


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