Moving Forward, From the Inside Out

Moving Forward, From the Inside Out
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Alexsandra Wright

When branding expert Alexsandra Wright hit precarious crossroad after becoming a mother, she knew the only place she could go was up. After creating Motivating Other Mothers, a movement to help all Mothers and children, she knew she had to teach the next step of success, but first she had to make that stride herself.

Alexsandra recognized once women pull themselves into a secure job or leave an abusive family member that they have to make sure that their mental health is in check in order to jump the next hurdle to happiness. As Alexsandra helped other women she knew that it was time to take a step back and reenter a field of work she knew best, the corporate branding career. In the past, Alexsandra was a globally recognized brand executive, who could take unnamed brands and make them a household name. Now that her life was dedicated to helping Mothers, she wanted to start a path to show them that when you fall, it is time to jump back in, no excuses. It was time to get right from the inside out.

After accepting an offer with Natren, a global probiotics company, Alexsandra realized that when women work on their health from the inside out, success is usually not too far off. Natren gave her the best of both worlds, she could care for her son and run global campaigns. This career choice made sense. Coming from a family of doctors and health professionals, it was a perfect match to be in the health and wellness industry. This new job gave her the opportunity to forge new bridges with her family, as she had another way to communicate with them.

For Mothers who are afraid to make the leap into something you love, Alexsandra attests to just say yes! Stop over planning, stop saying ‘no’ and just say yes to your dream, you will find that the new healthy lifestyle or that dream job one is aspiring to just fit into place once you make the conscious effort to try.

Alexsandra now can motivate her Mothers not just during a crisis but in the years after the crisis has been averted. Finding victories in each day and finding joy in the journey is the only way to process the commitment of saying yes in your life. The opportunities are there, will you let them in?

Find the victories in each day and find joy in the journey and find the commitment to say yes in your life. Opportunities are there if you just say yes.

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