Celebrating Marriage Equality Rulings in New York

Wednesday night, people all over the United States celebrated the historic Supreme Court decisions to give federal protections to all legally married couples and to return marriage equality to California. In honor of this special day, All Out has released a moving video commemorating this powerful moment, featuring everyday people reacting to the victory and telling the world what marriage equality means to them personally.

One couple said, "It allows us to make the decision as any other couple would if we'd prefer to live in one place if one place has better job opportunities... rather than we can stay here because Sylvie can't get a visa."

Another woman explained, "My partner and I actually came to New York city and got married in the City clerk's office on Monday so it means a-bloody-lot to me!"

One man was cautious: "I really worry that the moment this is done we're going to forget about all the other issues like homeless youth and transgender rights... there's a lot left to do."

"This is an emotional and powerful moment for so many couples in the United States, who will finally have the equal protection they deserve from the federal government, and for couples in California who now have full marriage equality," said Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-founder of All Out. "We join in celebration and renew our commitment to fight for full equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people and their families all over the world. All Out's 1.7 million members are building a world where no person has to sacrifice their family, safety, freedom or dignity because of who they are or who they love."

All Out is actively engaged in the fight for equality in countries around the world. After more than 300,000 All Out members called for marriage in France, the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians became a reality there this spring. In Brazil, Colombia, New Zealand, and in state-by-state fights for equality in the U.S., All Out members have responded.