mPowerpad Solar Charger Can Charge Your Smartphone and Keep Away Bugs Too (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Solar Gadget Charger That Also Chases Off Bugs

A solar charger like no other? That’s the mPowerpad by Third Wave Power which, according to a recent news release, is described as "the world’s first all-in-one solar charger with gesture-based control." This gee-whiz device is on display for all the world to see from November 1-3 at the Clean Energy Expo Asia (CEEA) 2011 in Singapore.

Like all solar chargers, the mPowerpad captures and stores solar power to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras and many other devices. (The specs on this one state that the device can completely an iPhone on six hours of direct sunlight.) Unlike other solar chargers, this one comes with a built-in reading light, flashlight, radio, and even a built-in ultrasonic insect repellent, increasing its utility for camping trips, school expeditions, and homes in rural areas, as well as anyone working, traveling or living without reliable access to the grid.

With a battery capacity of 2500mAh, the mPowerpad is said to charge all of your mobile gadgets -- via multiple USB ports -- as quickly as from an AC/DC outlet. It's around the size of the average tablet reader, can be tilted to make best use of the sun's rays, and features a unique "gesture-based interface" -- just tilt the device towards the sun to engage functions.

Third Wave Power, led by former Hewlett-Packard executives VS Hariharan and Lim Chuin Kiat, was recently named "Most Eco-friendly Start-up" at Techventure 2011 in Singapore, and is backed by commercial incubator Small World Group and Singapore's National Research Foundation. Pricing is said to be around $80 per unit, with availability projected for this coming January.



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