See Mr. Bean Drive With A Mop While Reclining Atop His Car In 2015

London is treated to an IRL demo of an iconic sketch.

It's been 25 years since Rowan Atkinson's bizarrely endearing character Mr. Bean debuted on British television. While the original sitcom, "Mr. Bean," comprised just 15 half-hour episodes that aired between 1990 and 1995, it inspired many other sketches, two feature films, and now a new, second animated series.

"He's a child in a grown man's body," Atkinson explained in a 2005 interview with The Scotsman. "He can't stop himself from doing stuff, so he fiddles and meddles just like a child does."

In honor of the occasion, Atkinson re-created of his character's most famous stunts. Having packed too much stuff into his tiny car for himself to fit inside, Mr. Bean rigs a steering system and pilots the vehicle on top of it. Kind of like this:


Or this:

We can only hope that Her Majesty the Queen happened to peek out her window as Atkinson drove by. 

For your nostalgic enjoyment, here's the original sketch:


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