Mr. Belding Slams A Wrestler Who Can't Be Saved By The Bell

You're still in charge, Mr. B.

Maybe if Zack and Slater of "Saved by the Bell" knew what Mr. Belding was capable of, they wouldn't have messed with him so much.

Dennis Haskins, who played the put-upon principal in the 1989-92 sitcom, has appeared in pro wrestling shows over the years. But this recent clip shows him exerting brutal authority.

Watch Haskins (with a little help) slam Buster Jackson through a table in a Brooklyn, New York, WrestlePro event on Saturday.

And, yes, his cohorts in the red tights are wearing Bayside Tigers uniforms. Rah rah, Mr. Belding and Bayside! 

Mr. Belding, er, Haskins, clearly enjoyed his malicious moment.