You Haven't Seen A Mr. Clean Commercial Like This

Whoa there.

Mr. Clean has a new approach to household chores, and it involves making you weak in the knees. 

The folks at Procter & Gamble want consumers to “get busy” with its Mr. Clean products, and they’ve created an animated, ripped version of its mascot to help make that happen.

The ad is Mr. Clean’s first Super Bowl spot, and it will air during the big game on Feb. 5.

In an interview with Ad Age, P&G exec Martin Hettich said the commercial was targeted at couples and takes aim at how they divide up household chores.

“There’s a clear disconnect between what men say they’re doing and what they’re actually doing,” Hettich said, citing an internal study of heterosexual couples that found only 17 percent of households equally shared chore responsibilities, despite the fact that most men thought they did half the chores. 

Perhaps if men pitched in, women would have more time for... other activities. In fact, a 2015 study from the University of Alberta found that heterosexual couples had better and more frequent sex when men chipped in with the chores.  

Watch the ad in the video above.



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