Pizza Restaurant Closed After Employees Put Laxatives On Pies

That's a crappy thing to do.

Sounds like one crappy meal.

A pizza restaurant in Springtown, Texas, had to close this weekend after it was discovered that employees had put laxatives on at least one pie.

On Friday night, the Springtown Police Department got a call about possible food tampering at a Mr. Jim’s Pizza location.

Apparently, one of the employees posted on social media that they were putting Miralax, a brand of laxatives, on pizzas, according to Dallas Fox affiliate KDFW TV.

Authorities said three employees admitted putting the laxative on at least one pizza that ended up being eaten unknowingly by a co-worker, according to NBC affiliate KXAS TV.

The employee who ate the pranked pizza got sick, but the people who made the pizza denied putting laxatives on any pizzas purchased by the public.

The city’s health inspector pulled the business’ health permit and shut down the restaurant until an inspection scheduled for Monday, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

As on Monday afternoon, it remained unopened. Police have not said whether any criminal charges will be filed.

Mr. Jim’s Pizza sent a statement to HuffPost saying that the employees who were involved in this prank have been terminated.

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