Mr. Little Jeans' Arcade Fire Cover Of 'The Suburbs' Gets A Video

Why bother even making a video when you've got these guys? A group called the High 5 Collective is putting out unofficial music videos for artists that are so well-done, everyone is giving them well-deserved credence. Their website provides the following info:

"We make art for artists that inspire us. New videos every couple weeks. Enjoy the art, bitches."

On Saturday, the group released a video for Mr. Little Jeans' (aka Norwegian singer Monica Birkenes) version of the Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs," a cover that is unusually hard to stop listening to. The video expresses the darkness of the suburbs in an unexpectedly brutal way, with a girl who appears to be disturbingly sad at the center.

The collective has also put their touch on tracks by Tyler the Creator, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean.

Check out the video, and if you missed this song when it came out a few months ago, you're welcome.