Mr. Marina '99 Problems' Video: Contestant Ish Simpson Outlines The Neighborhood Lifestyle

If the onslaught of pastel-colored pants and flexing bros on Chestnut Street wasn't enough of a warning, here is your official notice: the Mr. Marina contest is underway.

The annual competition--a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society--celebrates the men who embody the Marina's "social, fun-loving, generous, manly" spirit, according to the event's web site. And to kick off the competition, finalist Ish Simpson released his own rendition of Jay Z's 2004 hit "99 problems" to bolster his campaign.

"Marina life is a game, and we all winning," rapped Simpson.

Local hangouts such as Monaghan's and Campus make cameos in the video, as Simpson so eloquently states: "the Marina's got 99 problems, but Ish ain't one."

The weekday financial-analyst-turned-rapper apparently loves his hood and its female residents: "Girls on Chestnut, girls in bright colors, girls in yoga pants and girls who do Bar Method. Keep up the good work, Marina ladies."

A Stanford graduate and a Silicon Valley analyst, Simpson embodies "all that is right with the Marina," according to his bio.

Check out the Mr. Marina competition on March 20, and watch Simpson's "99 Problems" video above.



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