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Watch Mr. Munro, An Australian Penguin, Paint And Craft (VIDEO)

Move over Tori Spelling, there's a new crafter in town. This penguin…that's right, penguin, is a crafting machine. Known to his friends as Mr. Munro, this Fiordland penguin from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia uses his feet to paint unique (maybe abstract?) designs on canvases.

It's just not fair. There we said it. Where are the cute, crafting animals when we take our (infrequent) trips to the zoo? We're not sure, but we would love to be walking around at an aquarium and find a dolphin Picasso or sea lion Monet.

Okay, so maybe he's not that good, but few could argue this isn't adorable.

In actuality, as talented as this little guy may be, the reason he was getting his craft on was part of a initiative at the zoo to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. Which really makes the spectacle of a crafting penguin even more news-worthy!

To see Mr. Munro (and animals) in action, watch the clip below!

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