Mr. Puitt's Sad Debate

A Maine Landscape
A Maine Landscape

This week EPA Chief Scott Pruitt challenged the scientific community to a climate change debate.

Mr. Pruitt, the debate is over and your side has lost.

You see, most of the world's citizens trust good science to continue to improve our life on Earth; the life most of us now enjoy. We'd like to continue to enjoy living here on Earth and provide that comfortable modern lifestyle to more and more world citizens, including preserving it for our children and our grandchildren.

We rely on science to provide us with better modes of transportation, communication, and entertainment. We trust scientists and medical experts to find cures for debilitating diseases, to develop positive life-saving protocols for organ replacements, and for evermore delicate surgical techniques that extend lives. It is science that saves premature babies and allows our grandparents to live into their nineties and beyond.

World citizens trust scientists to explain the origins of our universe, to unlock the power of the quantum reality and to create better and faster space vehicles to explore more and more of God's great creation.

Mankind benefits from science every time we make a cellular phone call or search for a restaurant on the Internet. Every show we stream on Netflix, every song we download, every special effect we view in an action movie, comes to us from an scientific improvement.

The scientific method has taken man from the Dark Ages to the nuclear age and beyond. It's been great for business and a huge boon to the life expectancy of the average human. Why it’s even made it possible for you to drill for oil, Mr. Pruitt. What's not to like about science?

The only denial of science that I am aware of is the denial applied by climate change deniers. And every person on the planet knows what that denial is about. It's about the bank accounts of a few hundred American oil and gas magnates and their pathetic minions in government and in the lobbying industry. That's it. Plain and simple.

The debate isn’t about science at all. It's about greed. The good old capitalistic need to have growing profits. How sad. A handful of privileged American white males are holding the world hostage. They are attempting to limit the Paris Climate Accord, making the USA a pariah country and literally putting at risk the future of life on Earth; all for their own selfish profit. Read the latest scientific predictions based on new information and experience the horror of where our species is headed.

Our situation is like a Frank Capra movie from the 1930's and you, Mr. Pruitt, are Mr. Potter attempting to destroy Bedford Falls, and lock residents into a lifetime of misery while the world prays for a modern-day George Bailey to block your selfish scheme to cook the planet. I hate this movie and I hate you.

There is no debate. The climate is warming. Alternative energies have won based on good business practices and common-sense environmentalism. The only debate is over how long the world will allow you and your greedy compatriots to hold sway over America's future; how long before the US returns to responsible world citizenship.

I marvel at how you sir, can tuck in your grandchildren at night, knowing their future is going to be filled with suffering on your behalf. If my house were on fire, my number one priority would be my children. Your house is on fire Mr. Pruitt and it is clear your priority is Scott Pruitt.

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