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Mr. Push-Ups, Tony Ward Discusses His World Record For Push-Ups And Mentoring Kids

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Recently, I got to interview Tony Ward who holds the World's record for Push Ups having completed 31,600 Push Ups in a 20 hour period.

Tony Ward was inspired by Paddy Doyle, who was the previous Push Ups record holder to go for the World Record. Here are some of his remarks on how he uses his accomplishment as a reason for reaching out to Students he speaks with as a motivational speaker and for writing his book:
Mr. Push-Ups Reality 31,600

Question: You turned the Push Up record success story of breaking the World Record into a Motivational Book?

Tony Ward:

It's (a book) about my life as an athlete - the trials, tribulations, the adversity that I've overcome to become successful as an athlete.

I'm using the book also as a Motivational book because now I have become a Motivational speaker in schools, empowering youth to become successful in their lives and that anything is possible if they believe in themselves.

(what's their reaction?)

When I go into schools, I speak about my adversity that I've been through, and then at the end, I challenge them, and whoever does the most Push-Ups I give them a book.

It's quite an honor to give back to the youth of the world today, and show them that there is somebody, that there are positive role models in the world so they can become successful.

Mr. Ward also spoke with me about desiring to get back in to basketball coaching as well. We wish him the best of luck combining his mentoring and skills as a former basketball player in the endeavor of coaching. And thanks for your great work by giving a positive message to our students.

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