'Mr. Robot' Creator Hints At The Romantic Storyline You've Been Waiting For

The cast also speculated on the second, darker, season.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Season 1 of "Mr. Robot." 

At a panel discussion as part of PaleyFest 2015 in New York, an audience member asked "Mr. Robot" creator Sam Esmail whether the "obvious or not-so-obvious" love story between Elliot (Rami Malek) and Angela (Portia Doubleday) would develop further in Season 2. 

"Well, obviously I'm not going to answer that question," Esmail responded, before, in fact, answering it. He first came up against it reading viewers' reactions to the pilot episode.

"Everyone was like, 'Oh, here we go, it's will-they-or-won't-they?' And don't you think what we did instead was far more interesting?" he asked the audience, to applause and cheers.

"[The question] may come back," Esmail added. "I would be a fool not to go down that route."

"Oh, slow down!" Malek responded. (Joking, duh.)

Four cast members, including Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and Darlene (Carly Chaikin), joined Esmail onstage for the event Wednesday, about a month after Season 1's shocking finale. The show has slowly garnered a vocal online fandom since its June premiere on USA -- so much that the cast admitted to sharing fan-created art and theories with one another now and then. But Esmail said he had envisioned, at most, a small-scale hit in "Mr. Robot," which he'd originally written as a feature film.

"My highest expectation was, well, hopefully it'll be just a cult hit. Under the radar, you know. I'm incredibly grateful," he said of the show's massive success.

Throughout the hour-and-a-half-long panel, cast members revealed their playful chemistry with one another -- at odds with their characters' often chilly exteriors. As much as Season 1 surprised viewers with all its twists and turns, the cast revealed that certain details had been kept from them, too. Still, they would have fun with the script. Chaikin recalled watching Slater's over-the-top reactions.

"He's just sitting there, reading, going 'Woah!'" she said, laughing.

"I stopped reading the scripts and just watched him," Malek added. "He's far more entertaining." 

"When we did the table reads, you were so shocked [to find Mr. Robot wasn't real]!" Esmail chimed in. "And I was like, 'I think ... I definitely told him ... '"

Season 2 is rumored to be a bit darker, even, than the first -- although no one really knows but Esmail. Doubleday mentioned how she'd like to see her character's background with Darlene explored in more detail in upcoming episodes, after the two demonstrated a warm familiarity with one another at the end of Season 1. Malek, for his part, wanted "to eat something" next season. And, if the show keeps getting renewed, maybe a neat bottle episode. 

"Isn't that what you do when you get, like, six seasons?" he asked. "Can you imagine all of us in Hawaii?"

Whatever the case, Esmail forecasted big things for Season 2.

"The story's really about after Elliot discovers Mr. Robot is this deeper character he's hallucinated," he said.

Essentially, we know nothing (yet). 


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