Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Heats Up

Something earth shattering happened late last month that was completely missed by the mainstream media: the CEO of one of our largest contributors to global warming pollution, Jim Rogers of Cinergy, released his annual report with a mind-blowing 35 pages on -- I am not making this up -- global warming! Leadership is coming from strange places these days as a huge vacuum in Washington begs filling. I personally spoke to the head of public relations for Cinergy -- a call I never would have guessed I would be making -- to thank them for their candor and courage and I asked Mr. Rogers to join our new stop global warming virtual march on Washington, which launched on Earth Day with Sen. John McCain and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Alas, the bravery does not extend quite that far yet. But we will be marching for 365 days to show our government there is a giant consensus among Americans that it is time to deal with the global warming problem. Now. So what day will Mr. Rogers join? I can’t say. But, like a wedding gift, he has a year to decide!