Mr. Trump and Mr. Ed: A very stable genius and a genius in the stable

After hearing President Trump describe himself as "a very stable genius" Saturday, I was reminded of Mr. Ed, the palomino star of the 1960s situation comedy of the same name.

Despite having the handicap of being a horse, Mr. Ed spoke in complete coherent sentences.

And while Twitter had not been invented when Mr. Ed lived, he frequently phoned people, dialing the numbers with his teeth.

As far as we know, the president has never tweeted with his teeth, though it would be hard to tell the difference.

Where Mr. Ed had a Wilbur Post to keep him in line, Donald Trump has a Washington Post (and a New York Times and CNN among others).

In one of his few scandals, the talking horse admitted to chasing a “little filly with a pony tail,” as evidenced in the accompanying video.

In the Access Hollywood video, Donald Trump admitted to not only chasing tail, but grabbing it.

While the president and Mr. Ed have similarities, there are major differences as well.

In one episode of Mr. Ed, Ed somehow developed the idea he was not a horse, but a donkey. In the horse’s case, that was demonstrably proven to be a mistaken assumption. With the president, the jury is still out.

Another difference is that one of them is big enough to strap a saddle on, while the other one is a horse.

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