Mr. Trump, Where Are YOUR Emails?

I totally agree with Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton's character, temperament and transparency are legitimate issues in this Presidential campaign. We are about to elect an imperfect human being to the most important and most powerful position in the world and we need to know as much about them as possible . . . before November 8!

And, after so many months of doing an "Emailoscopy" on Secretary Clinton, perhaps it is time to require the same level of scrutiny on Donald Trump and his emails.

Imagine what we might find when we search all of Donald Trump's many servers? Character, whether you are an official of The United States Government, confirmed by a majority of The United States Senate on official business, or a private businessman (and perhaps especially when you are an un-confirmed private businessman) is a paramount issue in a national election!

And when we search through Donald Trump's emails, we will get to find out things that are truly important about his character, temperament, beliefs and potential biases, all of which can impact any and every decision he might make in The Oval Office over the next 4 years.

For example:

1. Is Donald Trump in cahoots with Vladimir Putin? Are there any emails to Putin or about working with Putin or others in Russia to hack or otherwise disrupt America's 2016 Election? Are there any conversations with or about Julian Assange and a possible "October Surprise" that could impact the results of our election? 2. How exactly does Donald Trump feel about Hispanics? 3. How exactly does Donald Trump feel about Muslims? 4. How exactly does Donald Trump feel about women? What kinds of controversial things might he have said in his emails - in jest or seriously - about his employees or other women? Has he said things about employees that might have broken the laws of sexual harassment like his buddy and aide Roger Ailes? Has he said things about women's rights that women in this country would want to know? 5. What shady financial or business dealings has Trump engaged in or might Trump be doing or talking about doing? Are there any emails with organized crime? Are there any payments or political contributions with respect to Trump University? Are there any emails about disputes with laborers or related to lawsuits about business practices that the American voter might find to be relevant? 6. What potentially controversial things - beyond the ones we already know about - has Donald Trump said to others about John McCain or Barack Obama or The Khan Family or anyone else that we might feel would reveal a temperament that is unfit for our Commander in Chief and the leader of our nation.

And on and on and on.

Donald Trump says he won't release his taxes to comply with what has become a baseline level of transparency for all American Presidential candidates since 1976. Fine. But because of that, and because "turnabout is fair play", perhaps there is something else he can do.

Mr. Trump - you call on Hillary Clinton to release all of her emails. How about you releasing all of yours!?

A curious nation awaits.