Mr. Words Goes to Town

The idea being endlessly promulgated by the media that the presidential race has been turned on its ear based on Romney's one debate performance in which Flippy McFlop-Face didn't gaffe for once (i.e., reveal his true feelings about those lazy po' people) versus an enervated sitting president says way more about the American public than any actual "facts" behind such contrived assertions of a Romney bump.

Because instead of the polluted stream of misdeeds both Romney and his P90X'd-out sidekick have loosed upon the public since their canned candidacies were declared, they have relied on scripted last-minute bites to obscure the truth of their deeds past, present and future.

And the American people, their attention spans scrupulously shortened to the point of an Oliver Sacks case study with three second recall, has supposedly forgotten all the crap that, from Romney and Ryan, passed for policy.

But ladies and gentlemen, that's just bullshit.

The balderdash that passes for such news has become as credible as the birtherism and terrorist fist-bumping which dominated previous cycles, the only difference being that in this new corporate media-controlled world where hype trumps reality, the timing makes all the difference. Which is why history, science, and reason -- all based on generations of empirically arrived-at data -- have been all but obliterated by forces which would be threatened by an informed populace. Obliterate the past -- even the most recent one -- and you have a sublimely manipulated mass of vascular jelly, eager to twitch when stimulated.

And any assertion that a joint like Fox is "in the tank for Romney" (wh-wh-what???) or that the so-called Liberal media is similarly beholden to Obama (face-palm) is only more poop-smoke: the media is in the tank for--hold on, now -- ITSELF! It is a self-sustaining, self-perpetuating monster, a brain-bombing behemoth that cares not about the people to whom it shamelessly peddles.

Witness the parade of patently false premises, the utterly unconvincing spectacles, and the fictional audience it presents as active participants in an equally fictional version of democracy.

Because the reality of Obama's long list of accomplishments, all of which have been executed despite treasonous opposition, has been overwhelmed by a corporate media bent on creating horse races.

Because that's what sells. I said "sells". You know, because we're a capitalist society. Everything sells. Like integrity. Like democracy. Like truth. Like deeds.

All sold for cheap words.