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Mrs. Sizzle Says: 'It's New York Fashion Leash!' #NYFL

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Remy @myhigherstandard wearing a WILDEBEEST collar and a RUGGED WRIST leash with Mom Jane Larkworthy @wmagjane in YSL heels and a vintage dress by Jack Bryan.

Isabel Dupre and Moops. Moops in a RUBY RUFUS sweater, WOLFGANG USA collar, HURTTA jogging leash. Isabel bag and shoes: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

@ellabeanthedog and @chloekardoggian in LOVE THY BEAST leashes. Bag: Bark N Bag.

Left to right: Stella, Harper, Frosty and Westley all in WAGWEAR walked by @valleyofthedogs

Bosco and Laura Ferrara playing tug of war with their FILSON finds! Shoes: FENDI.

@picathepom in a Max - Bone hoodie and leash. Her personal assistant in CHANEL.

@thedailywalter in a GO WEST GITLI GOODS collar and leash.

The dogs of ANIMAL HAVEN, clockwise from left: KATO in TUCKER BLAIR collar and SHINOLA leash. TAD in a WILDABEEST leash and collar and a bag and toy from LOVE THY BEAST. KOA in a BEAST and BABE collar and leash. COCOPUFF in and IKE AND STELLA leash and collar.

Mrs. Sizzle, your 411 for all things doggie chic, hit the streets with lensman Ben Ritter to snap some of NYC's beloved fashion stylists and famous instadogs sporting today's hottest leashes. Move over NYFW, the dogs have come to town.

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