MSNBC 3 PM: S.E. Cupp, Steve Kornacki Reportedly Among Rotating Cast Of Anchors For New Show

MSNBC will replace Dylan Ratigan's 4 PM show with a new program featuring a rotating cast of anchors, Politico reported on Sunday.

Ratigan abruptly announced in June that he was leaving the network, saying he wanted to concentrate on other things. On Sunday, Politico said that MSNBC will elevate some of its regular contributors to hosting gigs, including Salon writer Steve Kornacki and conservative commentator S.E. Cupp.

The move would follow MSNBC's standard formula of grooming its contributors for hosting duties (it's how Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner, Lawrence O'Donnell and Melissa Harris-Perry got their current jobs). The choice of Cupp, who also works for Glenn Beck's online GBTV network, would inject a shot of conservatism into the lineup.

Moreover, MSNBC could be taking a page out of Fox News' handbook. That network replaced Beck's show with "The Five," which features a rotating ensemble of hosts, to much success.

Martin Bashir will be shifting to Ratigan's current 4 p.m. timeslot.



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