MSNBC Issues Apology After Joe Biden Editing Error

MSNBC apologized on Friday for using a clip of Vice President Joe Biden out of context.

Host Thomas Roberts misidentified a clip of Biden speaking at a plaque dedication for the Americans lost in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi as a speech in which the vice president was arguing for increased gun control measures.

"That was Vice President Biden just a short time ago talking about children as the victims of gun violence," Roberts said during the 11:00 a.m. hour. "He's planning a new push on background checks."

The National Review Online was first to report the error. On the network's afternoon show "The Cycle," co-host Touré issued an apology on behalf of the network. He said:

Quick note, earlier today on MSNBC, we played a soundbite from the Vice President in which we stated he was speaking about gun control. The Vice President was actually speaking about Benghazi. It was a producer error. MSNBC regrets the error.

MSNBC previously came under fire for a questionable editing choice the network made during the 2012 presidential election.