MSNBC Cuts To Jindal With An Audible "Oh God" (VIDEO)(POLL)

MSNBC Cuts To Jindal With An Audible "Oh God" (VIDEO)(POLL)

Update: Chris Matthews explains why he said "Oh, God"

In case you missed it, there was an unfortunate bit of barely-audible editorializing as MSNBC switched from their on-air discussion of the forthcoming rebuttal from Bobby Jindal to the rebuttal itself.

Listen closely as Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann leave off their discussion as Jindal comes into view of the camera. Someone with a live mike is overheard audibly expressing their disbelief with a sardonic, "Oh, God."

And honestly, it would be about fifteen whole seconds before that reaction was really appropriate.


Now take our poll - give us your best guess as to which MSNBC staffer uttered the infamous line:

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