MSNBC Website Debuts New Look (PHOTO)

MSNBC debuted a sleek, new website design on Monday.

Earlier this year, Microsoft dissolved its relationship with NBC News as the joint owner of, leaving the news network with the opportunity to rename and reorganize its website. NBC bought Microsoft's 50 percent stake in the website, and rebranded to

While the web address changed (and those who visited were automatically redirected to, the site maintained its look.

MSNBC's website,, differs dramatically from the cable network's previous design.

Photos of MSNBC's most popular shows run across the site's top rail. Below, news stories are seemingly populated by MSNBC production staff members, on-air talent, reporters, and more. Each show's individual page includes top videos a long with more content and announcements about the program.

The site is built off WordPress and has a blog-like feel. There's also a "Voices" section that seems to include Opinion pieces written by on air talent and additional MSNBC contributors. Site visitors are also able to register with the website by creating an account. The account allows users to post comments on articles

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