MSNBC Drama Pervades Convention Coverage: Olbermann vs. Matthews For Round 3

MSNBC Drama Pervades Convention Coverage: Olbermann vs. Matthews For Round 3

***UPDATE: Round 4 and more***

Round 3 of MSNBC infighting came Tuesday night during coverage anchored by Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. After Joe Scarborough squabbled with Olbermann and Matthews — and then with David Shuster — this time it was the two anchors who revealed the tension within the MSNBC camp.

Discussing Hillary Clinton's upcoming speech, Matthews began talking about women 's reactions to Hillary. His producers, likely wary of any more cries of sexism against the host and the network, presumably tried to get him to wrap, as he said, "I'll wrap in a second, I'll wrap in a second."

Olbermann then tried to attribute Matthews' point about women voters to Rachel Maddow, to which Matthews said, "Good ideas can be shared."

Then, when introducing Steny Hoyer, Olbermann mocked Matthews for "[going] off at the mouth" and made a hand gesture implying that Matthews talked forever.

"You make that sound, Keith," Matthews said. "I can do the same to you. That's what I thought. And I said it."


Insiders say Olbermann is pushing to have Brokaw banned from the network and is also refusing to have centrist Time magazine columnist Mike Murphy on his show.

"The idea of anyone trying to ban Tom Brokaw is ludicrous," said one MSNBC-er. Brokaw was on MSNBC for an hour yesterday afternoon. Murphy, who was bumped from Olbermann's show on Monday night, told us, "They told me technical problems and I have no reason not to believe them."

Mike Murphy was also not on Tuesday night, saying Wednesday morning he watched Hillary's speech from a bar.

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