MSNBC Hosts Founder Of Anti-Hillary Group "C.U.N.T."

As is his wont, the little watched and seldom heeded Tucker Carlson continued to pursue his "hurt America" agenda last night on MSNBC, when he once again invited the so-called wisdom of "legendary Republican strategist" Roger Stone. The topic: how would Republicans take the attack to the Democratic nominee?

There wasn't anything particularly groundbreaking to Stone's analysis: whoever the nominee would be would end up being painted as a liberal, George McGovern would be invoked, and of course, the wild insinuation that voting Democrat is a de facto death sentence for the nation at the hands of jihadists would be made. Along the way, Stone got to call Hillary Clinton a "hack" who "believes in virtually nothing," and, with regards to Obama, Stone got to raise the specter of "assassination." Real authoritative, responsible stuff!

Nevertheless, the stunning disingenuousness of the conversation was enough to inspire a fountain of gorge. How will Republicans attack the candidates? Well, in the specific instance of Roger Stone, the answer is: start a juvenile, anti-Hillary 527 organization themed around a vulgar term for female genitalia (cf. Jane Fonda). That any credible news organization can continue to give wide audience to Stone's wisdom without disclosing his involvement in the campaign season's most brazen obscenity is beyond reason.

Ironically, the one employee at MSNBC who's evinced a willingness to challenge Stone on this regard is David Shuster. The cable news network was without his services last night.