MSNBC Asks Obama Campaign To Take Down Ad Featuring Ed Schultz (VIDEO)

MSNBC is calling on the Obama campaign to remove a polticial ad featuring its anchor Ed Schultz.

The ad focuses on Obama's student loan policies. It shows Romney saying he supports an extension of the policies, and then cuts to a lengthy clip of Schultz, saying that Romney's statement is at odds with previous policy positions.

NBC News released a statement on Thursday, saying, "MSNBC did not grant permission and we have asked the Obama campaign to remove the video of Ed." The Washington Post talked to an MSNBC spokesperson on Friday. The spokesperson said that the campaign had not responded. Presumably, if it did, the Obama team would say that it was in compliance with fair use laws.

It's the second time NBC has had to deal with a campaign using its footage. In January, it demanded that the Romney campaign take down an ad that consisted solely of a portion of an "NBC Nightly News" broadcast from 1997. The campaign refuse.