MSNBC Shows Wrong Man For Report About Former Legislator's Death

UPDATE: Ronan Farrow later showed the correct photo during his show and clarified, "We showed you a picture of the senator with Ray LaHood. We wanted to show you the correct photo of Ray Hutchison, who we remember today with the senator."

ORIGINAL STORY: MSNBC, that's not Ray Hutchison.

On Monday, the cable news network reported on the death of Hutchison, a former Texas legislator and husband of former senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Instead of showing a photo of Hutchison, however, the network showed a picture of former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood:

The gaffe happened during "Ronan Farrow Daily." LaHood is alive, and wished to clarify MSNBC's graphic in a statement to The Huffington Post's Sam Stein: