MSNBC Round 2: Joe Scarborough Vs. David Shuster

MSNBC Round 2: Joe Scarborough Vs. David Shuster

Twelve hours after sparring with Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough smacked down David Shuster on "Morning Joe" live from Denver Tuesday morning in a discussion of troop withdrawal. As noted here, here and here, Scarborough had little use for Shuster trying to steer the conversation, mocked claims of MSNBC's staff independence when Shuster accusingly call Joe a Republican while referring to himself as an independent, and also had little patience for Shuster repeatedly sleeping through appearances on his show in the past.

"Shuster, I have no idea what you're talking about.... Have you been sleeping the past couple months?... Do you never watch this show?.... You usually sleep through this show because you didn't show up three times in a row."

Watch five wholly uncomfortable minutes of it here:

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