MSNBC Panel Trashes Rudy Giuliani As 'Worst Lawyer' Ever: 'He Should Be Disbarred'

“I don’t think he understands anything that he’s saying half the time at this point."

After yet another day of jaw-dropping statements showcased on national television by Rudy Giuliani, a merciless MSNBC panel roasted President Donald Trump’s lawyer as the worst the legal profession has to offer.

The Sunday discussion on Joy Reid’s program followed Giuliani’s “Meet the Press” appearance in which he revealed that Trump may have been engaged in talks to build one of his namesake towers in Moscow as recently as November 2016.

The president’s former fixer Michael Cohen has already pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline, having falsely claimed the negotiations ended nearly a year before.

Still, in his interview, Giuliani suggested Cohen’s entire testimony may not have been untruthful.

Former House GOP staffer Kurt Bardella found the remarks baffling.

“I don’t think he understands anything that he’s saying half the time at this point,” Bardella said. “It’s almost like, does Rudy even talk to Donald Trump at all? This has got to be the worst lawyer in the history of mankind. He should be disbarred for being such a terrible lawyer.”

Also in his statements to “Meet the Press,” Giuliani floated the possibility that Trump might have just forgotten about the so-called Moscow project.

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne was stupefied by the argument, mocking the lawyer’s comments.

“I do billion-dollar deals all the time, so some of them just kind of slip my mind, I guess,” Dionne joked. “If there’s ever a trial on all of this, I think a whole day of the trial will just be jurors watching old Rudy Giuliani tapes and clips because the number of times he is essentially confirming Trump lied through his teeth about doing business with Russia in that period ― it’s just astounding.”

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