MSNBC Wins Week-Long Primetime Convention Ratings

MSNBC reached another historic milestone after becoming the most-watched cable news network during the week of the Democratic National Convention.

The network hit ratings gold after beating CNN and Fox News during the first night of the Democratic National Convention. It was the first time MSNBC beat its cable news rivals in primetime convention ratings since the network started 16-years ago.

The network topped another milestone, though, after MSNBC drew the most total viewers in primetime during the Democratic National Convention. This is the first time MSNBC won a full week of weekday primetime ratings.

Additionally, the week of Sept. 3 was the network's second best weekly primetime ratings performance ever. MSNBC's best week in primetime ratings was the week of Nov. 3, 2008, when President Barack Obama was elected president of the United States.



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