MSNBC's Chris Hayes Rips Media For Ebola Panic

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Rips Media For Ebola Panic

MSNBC's Chris Hayes delivered a heart-felt (read: sarcastic) thank you to his colleagues in the media Tuesday night on "All In" for staying so calm during the country's recent Ebola freak out.

Following the announcement that Dr. Craig Spencer, the New York physician who was diagnosed with the disease last month, had been released from the hospital, Hayes rolled a montage of Fox News and CNN anchors fanning the flames of hysteria with their sensationalized Ebola coverage, aptly titled "The Media's Totally Rational Response to Ebola."

"Well done everyone, take a bow," Hayes said after the clip, clapping mockingly. "I am so glad all of us, everyone, collectively, kept our cool."

Hayes is not alone on the topic of Ebola fear-mongering. Since the news of the disease first began to ripple through America earlier this year, other journalists have spoken out against unnecessary media panic. In October, Fox News' Shep Smith delivered a more straight-forward response to the hysteria, admonishing members of the press and telling his viewers not to "listen to the hysterical voices on the radio and the television or read the fear-provoking words online."

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