MSNBC'S Joe Scarborough Will Drop An EP 'Every Month For The Next Four Years'

His first EP, called "Mystified", comes out June 23rd.

When we think “musical icons,” surely most of us think The Beatles, Cher, and... Joe Scarborough. 

The MSNBC host of “Morning Joe” will release his debut EP entitled “Mystified” on Friday, June 23. It will be the 54-year-old’s first official musical release.

Longtime fans of Scarborough’s music have heard him play at New York City haunts like Prohibition on the Upper West Side or watched him on “The View”, but this release will likely broaden his fanbase. And if this EP doesn’t bring in new fans, perhaps the next few dozen will.

Yes, you read that right. DOZEN.

Scarborough said in a press release that he’s got “a hell of a lot of songs to get out there” and will be releasing them “in waves with an EP every month for the next four years.”

You can find some teasers for songs on Scarborough’s website, ScarboroughMusic, with titles like “Downtown” and “Girl Like That.” 

Scarborough and his band will have an EP release show this Thursday in NYC, which you can find tickets for here. You can see Joe live as he follows “his truest calling” ― yes, that’s actually how the ticket website is touting this event. It even goes so far as to say he spent the “last year holed up in studios to record.” Such dedication.  

Kudos to you, Joe. Live your truth.



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