MSNBC's Rev. Joe Watkins Accuses President Obama of Breaking and Entering the Nation's Schools While Pastor Steven Anderson Prays For His Death

The "Rev." Joe Watkins, a Republican strategist and MSNBC "analyst," accused President Obama of breaking and entering our "children's school day" right after the President gave his speech today - like he was a common criminal ransacking someone's home, and then portrayed him as a kidnapper stealing away their minds to indoctrinate and turn them against their parents.

These are the same kinds of charges made against Socrates by the paranoid politicians and hypocrites of his day...and we all know where that led...

Watkins and other Republican stooges, in an obvious coordinated strategy used the same coded language associating the President (and his health care reform efforts) with nationalized socialism. Although they hid behind their clever rhetoric, which seemed to praise him as "great orator" and "charismatic leader," as Keith Olbermann's video montage demonstrated, they linked the President to Kim Jong IL, Chairman Mao, and Hitler, etc. Other conservatives described the President as "putting his hands" on the children's minds and that "Obamacare must be killed" before Obama "kills our kids." Not to be topped, of course, was Pastor Steven Anderson, who continues to openly ask people to pray that the President be killed!

This Willy Hortanization, Hitlerization, and targeting of President Obama must stop! Let MSNBC, Joe Watkins, those he's affiliated with and the rest of the media know that this must stop NOW!

This is not about "there's two sides to every issue," which is how the Republicans have played the media like Nero's fiddle. Their strategy is to burn down our democracy in order to save it from Obama and what they see as a bunch of anti-American, anti-Christ, "secular humanist scum."

No, "Rev." Watkins. What you and your ilk and other false prophets like "Pastor" Anderson are doing is the antithesis of Christianity and Christ's teachings. And we know "by your works and words," your "false witness," your "incitement of violence," and of course, your "plausible deniability."

Next time you read the Ten Commandments, "Reverends" Watkins and Anderson, look carefully at #5. And then get down on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you for helping cultivate a conservative political culture of violence, death, and atmosphere of "ass-ass-in-nation." And then, "go forth and sin no more."