Take A Hike Through Mt. Huashan, But Just Make Sure You Don't Miss A Step!

If you thought the Caminito del Rey walkway was terrifying, then you might want to avoid China's "heart-stopping hike," Mount Huashan.

Famous for the perilous Plank Road and steps carved into sheer cliffs, Mount Huashan is located in the Shaanxi province of China. Considered one of Five Great Mountains, this holy ground was a place that many made pilgrimages to, and the ancient monastery on the southern peak of the mountain (now a tea house) still stands.

To get there, hikers are basically hooked to the side of the mountain with iron cables and few other safety precautions, which has lead to more than a few unfortunate falls. The views from any of the five peaks are truly incredible, but we're just not sure if they're truly "to die for."

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