MTA Brings Back 'Nostalgia' Train For Subway Commute (VIDEO)

WATCH: MTA Adds A Dose Of 'Nostalgia' With Vintage Trains

Just in time for the holiday season, the MTA is bringing back their popular "Nostalgia Shoppers' Special Trains" every Saturday from November 26 to December 24! The vintage, R1/9 trains will be serving the Sixth Avenue line (M train) between the Queens Plaza and 2nd Avenue stations, with the departure schedule going as follows:

Departures from 2nd Avenue:
9:58 AM, 11:27 AM, 12:57 PM, 2:27 PM, and 3:57 PM.

Departures from Queens Plaza:
10:43 AM, 12:13 PM, 1:42 PM, 3:13 PM, and 4:43 PM.

The MTA provided nostalgia won't cost customers any more than the usual $2.25 for a single ride.

This past Saturday commuters received their first taste of the classic cars. One rider expressed his excitement to NY1:

These cars ran on the A line during the '40s when I was a boy. I never rode them then because I always rode on the E to go out to Queens. And I used to think, 'Oh god, these are so beautiful, with the fluorescent lights.'

Earlier this year, subway customers received a similar blast from the past when Boardwalk Empire producers ran authentic subway trains dating back to Prohibition to promote the popular HBO series.

Can't wait to board the vintage trains this Saturday? Catch a glimpse below:

Boardwalk Empire's 1920's trains:

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