MTA Besieged By Rats Again (VIDEO)

Is this the beginning of a horrifying new trend?

It's not quite like waking up to a rat in your face, but subway riders in lower Manhattan got a scare when a furry visitor hopped on board.

it was just two weeks ago today when video emerged of a rat crawling onto a dozing man's mug. Now, NYC The Blog has another video of a rodent crawling all over an R train in Manhattan.

This time, riders panicked immediately once they realized a rat's on board. Some scream, others jump up on their seats and there seems to be a collective wish for the rat to return to the tracks from whence it came. Thankfully, the unwanted passenger obliges by getting off at the next stop.

The passengers on the R train were far more concerned for their well being than straphangers who were on a speeding Metro-North train with its door wide open. But ostensibly less angry than those that forcefully took over an N train after being stranded in the snow for hours.

Which would you be more scared of?

See the latest rat footage below:

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