MTV Explains The Internet In 1995 (VIDEO)

WATCH: MTV Explains The Internet In 1995

It seems ridiculous now, but in 1995 MTV News devoted an entire four minute segment to this new thing called the Internet.

Just like Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel hilariously discovered the Internet in 1994, in this segment Kurt Loder (who sounds too old for MTV even back then) tells the young, hip, would-be "cyber voyagers" everything they need to about the World Wide Web.

This ultra-informative segment includes interviews with Sandra Bullock, Coolio, Ozzy Osbourne, Perry Farrell, Dave Matthews and Moby on their thoughts about the "information superhighway." MTV really leaves you thinking the Internet -- filled with websites or "special interest truck stops" -- might just be here to stay.

Bonus? There are also tons of screen shots that will make you nostalgic for the Geocities website you had in sixth grade.


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